Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Day 1 - Moore Girls - more stuff!

It was a great first day!  We draped white sheer glitter net everywhere to cover the back "walls"

Then we started loading the shelves.  We still have much to do, but for 1 day - we already have over 600 items in our little space!

One of the services we offer will be preserving  and restoring handmade doilies, dresser scarves, linens and more.  So I was wondering why our grandma's had so many doilies everywhere and here's what I learned:
  • they hide the dust
  • someone spent hours making them
  • they can cover a spot or blemish on furniture
  • they can preserve surfaces
  • can be used as shelf liners
  • act as a barrier between food and a surface
  • prevent sliding
  • can be wrapped around food to keep it warm
  • provide a decorative touch
and my own reason:
  • because they remind us of Grandma Moore!  So we have loads of linens in our little space.

The wire dressforms are a perfect way to display the jewelry we've made:

Colleen is making these wonderful glass totems.  For serving candy, snacks....or just to look pretty.  Aren't they gorgeous?

We have a ways to go to get the showcase full, but I do think we have a pretty good start!  See that gekko?  Colleen made that out of art clay silver!

And are you ready for this?  I've made 120 cards this summer!  I had no idea there were that many!

Several hand-painted silk scarves and we will be adding more in the new future.  What colors/designs would you like to see?

In the lower left hand corner is an antique bedside commode - it even has a porcelain chamber pot!

We had such a fun day putting this together.....and tomorrow, even more stuff is going into our space.  I just love the look we have and the direction we are going in - a venue to showcase our art and make it available to others to purchase.  Just so much fun!!!


Torrey said...

You never cease to amaze me! I wish you and Colleen much success in your new venture! I'd shop there!

J Lowe said...

Then we'll expect to see you Friday!!! LOL!!!

Jennifer Dove said...

And Jenn do you still have the neclace that is on the dress form...far righ toward bottom...green/blue swirl rectangle? If so...me want...send price :)

J Lowe said...

Jennifer, you are hilarious!! I will check on Tue
Stay and let u know!!