Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Rethinking what you have and how you use it

This is ancient!  I've probably had it 25 or 30 years.  It's a shelf that goes over the sink.  Supposedly you were to put soaps, scouring pads, plants on it.  Not me!  

It's in the utility room and it's where I have all my power tool chargers.  Can you see the power strip under it?  All the cords are wound up and tied with velcro strips.  The power strip is velcro'd to the wall (use industrial velcro from the hardware store).  I think you can see the hand dremel in it's charger, and then there's a Bosch battery charging for a power tool.  It's amazing how handy and how easy these are to grab when I need them.

No more going out to the garage to try and find something in hubby's tool box.  They are right here where I can grab-n-go with whatever I need.  

Of course, we are moving, so I'm taking all these apart and packing them up.  Nothing that I use for organization is going to get left behind.....and I suspect I'll come up with even more ideas!!!  

I'm thinking we'll talk medicine cabinet in my next blog.  Take a look at messy is it???  :o)


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