Monday, January 23, 2012

Raised stencil plaster painting

Colleen is here for a week and we are going insane!  LOL!!!  We decided to turn my studio into a library, convert the exercise room to a "new" studio, completely revamp the MBR, and turn the guest bedroom into a "toy" room.

What fun!!!

So, in the new library, we are painting an aspen forest on the wall, using stencils and plaster.  It is going to be simply gorgeous!  The new bookcases are already in on the other wall and loaded.  We may even have it done tomorrow.

You can do this with your cricut!  Cut a stencil (MS stencil paper) and tape it on the wall.  Then use joint compound and plaster right over the stencil.  Pull the stencil's called raised stencil painting!

Not sure if you can see the dimension...but this is so much fun!

When we get done with the aspen wall...we are going to use metallic paint and do something drastic on the big wall in the master bedroom.

Art-on-the-wall.....being creative outside the box once again!

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CraftyJo said...

Jen - don't you ever stop 'doing'!!! I love the look of this technique, and the colour shown looks like proper Wedgwood (Jasper-ware) which my Mum used to collect, gorgeous.