Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Holy of Holies

Now covered by the Dome of the Rock. They make it sound like you can't go up on top. Well, You can! You don't need a tour guide even though we had one.

You can't go inside, but you can look inside via a hole in the window. Our guide took us right up to it and told us to look inside!

You can pray as much as you want as long as don't look like you are praying.

The views are simply breathtaking!

5 years ago we were on the east side, outside the walls, looking up at the Golden Gates. This time we got to see them from inside, looking to the east.

I did not count the steps that take you from the western wall up to the old city, but I took this shot about half way up. At the top of the photo, you turn right and do 2 more sets of steps.

And this was looking down from the same spot.

I did these steps 9 times...3 sets up and down in a day. My legs were killing me, but it was worth every step. At the top is the Jewish quarters in the old city....where I left most of my money!!

Praying on Temple Mount, walking in the Old City, touching the Western Wall, surviving all the steps and walking....and then we returned each night to the King David hotel....oh my goodness...I am blessed!!

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