Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Art in the Art Show

So it's an art show, too. I feel like I should put a huge sign up that says....


it's 10 times more

at a Hallmark store!!!

Why is it that we will go to a store and pay $40 for an item and refuse to pay $4 for it in someone's garage? Especially when it's the same thing?

There's an artist co-op store here in Lafayette. You can find the very same things in our sale here this Saturday!!!

So if you see a card and the price is $8.00.....just run up to Niwot to the Berry Patch and check out the $10 cards there! Plus, you get to meet the artist here!!!

Karen sent me pics of some of her art that will be for sale on Saturday, just click on the photo to enlarge it:

Is this one just delightful?

Clever and creative!

I can't wait to see this one in person!

I'll try to post again tomorrow with more garage sale items - I wanted to get Karen's art up! I wish I had photos of the other artists pieces....we'll just all be surprised come Saturday morning!!!

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Andrea6760 said...

Good Luck on your sale and I hope that you have tons of customers! Too bad you arent closer to Pittsburgh, PA!