Friday, August 6, 2010

Vacation Journal, p 7, 8, and 9

How long did it take me to put this all together? Well, not as long as it's taking to photo and write it up! LOL!!!

P. 7 and 8 are what I call 2/3 pages. They are more than half as they overlap in height. This first side has a photo mount with a tag behind it. The word Paradise on the tab to the right.

When you open it up, more photo mounts - I plan to take about 4000 photos, so you know I'll just put my top 50 in this journal!

This is the back side of p 7. It's a flap the opens up. The brad holds it shut.

The front of p. 8. Notice how you can layer photo mounts and put them just about anywhere?

the inside of p 8.

The back of p. 8. See how fun it is when you have 2/3 pages? You can see what's behind them.

page 9 - one of my favorites The girls are from EK Success. This is an envelope. I used rhinestone brads to wrap my ribbon around to hold it closed.

Open the flap and more photo mounts inside:

with more photo mounts on the back:

Hope you are starting to see how you could make this several inches thick!

Tomorrow night - the final pages! Are you keeping up with me? LOL!

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