Saturday, April 17, 2010

Shabbat Shalom

A peaceful sabbath to you.

And while I am by no means a watercolor artist, I did love doing this painting. You won't believe this, but I cut out designs with my cricut, then traced around them, then painted. OK, the dove - I drew that freehand. Not too bad, huh?

You really have to click on it to enlarge it to see the colors:

I know that I have much to learn about this medium. But I will tell you, when I paint, I truly step into the right side of my brain. It actually scares me because I lose all sense of time. With that - absolutely no stress, not a care in the world, in fact, I'm not sure I even know the world exists. It is a complete escape. It's a good thing Kerry gets hungry and pulls my brain back into reality! LOL!!!

Shabbat Shalom - may you have a peaceful sabbath. May Jehovah bless and keep you.


Martha Rose said...

That's lovely, Jen. I really like the way you used color to play with the light. The border/frame is just right too. Thanks for sharing.

Neet said...

Love the colours you have used Jen, so pale and serene looking. Just right for the subject.

Lizscraps said...

I have been thinking of you. just getting back in to the swing if read my blog but see you also have much on your plate -- Shabat Shalom internet friend you are in my prayers -- LOVE the watercolor, Praise Him.