Sunday, February 7, 2010

Come to my house for the superbowl game.....

and there will be a separate party in my studio! What else? Today, we'll be playing with Friendly Plastic and "chewing gum" wrappers! Yep, something for both adults and kids. So I made some samples. A take-off on Jana's fracture n fusion....this is inlaid work. The blanks are really big. About 2 1/2" so you can cut tiny strips of plastic and inlay them into the blank and have them melt. I find the plastic will shrink up inside these blanks. so this way is better for me.

My blogger friend, Shari, gifted me these blanks. I just love them. You can get them online at the Bally Bead Company. They are so cheap! Only $2 each! And check out the huge heart, rectangle and other blanks. Great little company - order tons!!!

This is a large K&Co finding. We have a lot of these, bracelets, and blanks from Patera and Amate to play with today. So I'm hoping we make loads of fun pendants!

Remember chewing gum wrapper chains? American Girl Doll has these kits at Michaels for only $6.99. Figured it was worth it - I don't have to cut tiny little strips of paper!

Such bright cheerful papers! And I've got butterfly charms the kids can tie onto theirs.

I'm going to guess that the mom's will be doing a lot of paper folding this afternoon! LOL! Well, we will be busy if nothing else!

And when we're all done with these, I have the cricut machine set up and we'll cut out cards and they can embellish cards with glitter. Figured I'd save that one for the very end of the day. Nothing better than falling asleep with your face and fingers covered in glitter!

Hope your superbowl Sunday is as much fun as mine. Sure beats the "old days" when all the men were in the living room watching the game and the women were in the kitchen cleaning out the pots and pans. I'm having everything catered! No cleaning here.....just a lot of playing in my "dining" room!!!

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Neet said...

Fab work Jen - I just love it all.