Monday, January 11, 2010

My "new" studio

Kerry has bets going that I'll be changing it again in 6 months. But I'm not so sure this time around. I was looking for something that will work in my future years as we downsize our lives. We know we are going to be in a one floor house in the next few years....and I just happen to think this would look fine in any room!

I already had the desk set up. A "gift" from the Basement Babes. Notice, it's a double desk, a chair on each side, 12" mats on each side, so if just one person comes to play, this is where we sit.

But it could also work for a dining table for myself and Kerry in a small house. (See, I really am thinking ahead!) That blue thing on the back of the chair......a heating pad! It's supposed to wrap around your back....I just wrapped it around my chair! The power snaps off at the pad, so when I'm not using it, there's no cable.

Yes, the drink holder has conveniently become my paper towel holder! This side of the desk has 12 drawers.....I love drawers!! Note the steps underthe other desk? Yes, that's a double step with a drawer in the bottom....but it has turned out to be the pefect footrest....exactly what I needed! I have 3 ottlites set up over the 2 them all at 80% off. Gotta love the clearance row at Hobby Lobby!!!

That second desk along the window is mystudy desk - you can see my tape machine there. But under it, the cubes hold paper. That's my patterned paper. Over to the left of my steps is the solid color cardstock. Lots of paper I need to start using up. Can you ever have too much paper???

This wall unit is made up of 16 cubes plus 2 to support the desk on the window wall. No, it doesn't come like this. I had to buy brackets and drill holes to make the desk along the window.....but it is exactly what I wanted. I like having a u-shaped work area like this. Everything at my fingertips. Come to think of it - I have always liked having u-shaped kitchens as well!

Gotta love those glass front cubes. I did have to look for them. I got everything the day after Thanksgiving for 55% off! That made each cube $13.49. I was able to sell my old wall for enough to cover the new wall!!! So it was free....just a little hard labor!

Of course, then there was the "journey" to find white all swing lamps. Any idea how difficult that is? Try to find them! They only come in bronze, copper, gold, pewter, silver.....but not white! Finally found them online - 3way bulbs, so loads of light which is exactly what I wanted!

And I love that I have a place to display my current work. These are my projects from 8 Nights of Lights....and I'm sure this shelf top will change throughout the year.
Now, why would Kerry think I would change this? LOLOL!!!! I happen to think it's perfect. But then, we'll see how I feel in July!!!

In case you want to do this as well, these are the Jetmax cubes from Michaels. I've seen them half off lots, but only once have I found them at 55% off. It will take 28 cubes and 2 sets of desk tops to put this together. You'll have 1 desktop left over. project.....



jude said...

Wow this is stunning ,the white makes it so light and airy without the lights.Why on earth would you want to change the look?I'd be happy with that for few years.Happy crafting and enjoy!
hugs judex

Rose said...

Wow Jen. It looks fabulous and I have just the spot for it in my house! All I have to do now is work on my creative packing skills to get it all in two suitcases! LOL Rose

Clarice said...

Beautiful, Jen! An absolutly perfect 'Playing' set-up; birght and so much storage room. Love it. Not betting that Rose won't figure out a way to 'pack it' either.


BurningRubber said...

Wow! That looks much more compact than the way you had it before. LOL What is Kerri thinking!

Jen Lowe said...

My past history will show that I change my studio around about every 6 months. If nothing else..from one end of a room to the other end! That's why he's making the bets! LOL! I actually think this one might last at least a year! :o)

Von said...

you have a wonderful blog Jen and your videos are so inspiring and informative :)

Heather said...

I love how organized it is! Very pretty and functional.

Neet said...

This is just fantastic and as you say it will go anywhere in a house. Great idea for downsizing and something which I will have to think about in the future. Now, will I be able to bring these storage units back with me from America on the plane?

Sharon said...

Wonderful set up, Jen. I'm so digging the blue, white, and silver! I really need to work on my own. That is after I finally get it unpacked!