Friday, November 20, 2009

Friendly Plastic Pellets - video - make your own tools

I really do have the most wonderful hardware store in the world! McGuckins. It's in Boulder, Colorado. You can spend days inside this store. Not to mention when they put up the giant tent and have a sidewalk sale!

And....they carry Friendly Plastic pellets. Now, why on earth would a hardware store sell pellets? Well, take a look at my video and you will see!

I showed this to Kerry, who has been playing with micro electronics this week. He proceeded to melt some pellets and form a ball on top of some mini lights. When he plugs it into his circuit board, the plastic ball lights up! LOL!

When he gets it "perfected" - I'll video that. But you know guys - do they ever get anything "perfect"? I imagine he will be playing with pellets for some time to come. I may have to put them under lock and key!!!