Saturday, May 2, 2009

Inspired Creativity

They all took the very same class. They all had the very same paper/tools. They all did such an amazing job. Yes, there were more students.....but this is what I remembered to photograph!!!

Kristal is one of the store owners.....and look!  She made it to match what she is wearing!  Can you see the pliars in the kids hands?  LOL!

Angela.....great job!!!

 Angela, too..... (yes, it's really hard when you have 2 students with the same first name!) - absolutely love this!
And Lauren's first class ever!  WOW!!!

I am already exhausted and as I write this, National Scrapbook Day (weekend) is just about to start.  I am excited about the students and about our classes and about the endless, endless creative fun we are having here in the store.  I truly wish you could all be here!

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Anonymous said...

love it , great photography work too, teacher