Friday, April 24, 2009

We're such a good teachers......

LOL!!! With Susan's help, we designed and made up Friendly Plastic "flip" boards for both stores in San Diego. We took a 1" piece of each color of Friendly plastic and mounted them in the flow of a color wheel.

When you look close, you see the name (color on front/back) and the order number:

But our design allows you to flip the piece up and look at the back of it!

I know that I'm an extremely visual person and it took me forever to figure out which colors had red, blue, white or black on the back. I also like to see things like this lined up per the color wheel spectrum. I think this flip board is just brilliant and we are gifting one to each store as well as one to Amaco!!! Maybe one day soon, you'll see it online at their website!

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vicki said...

We LOVE this board! So glad it is a gift... we were not going to give it back!