Friday, April 17, 2009

And another great idea.....

Do you own the ULtimate Crafter's Companion? If you do, then you know my frustration with everything falling out when you open it up! So, I decided to just fix that little problem!!!

First, I cut velcro to adhere the ruler/trimmer

Then I made a velcro closure for the end of it and covered it with fabric paper

Simply pull the velcro up to release the ruler/trimmer

I tied the clip to the handle so I won't keep losing it.  Of course, I'm sure you are not like me at never lose a thing, huh?  ha ha!

Then I put velcro on the blade case so it won't fall out.  

Used tiny pieces of velcro to attach the stylus

And now when you open it up, everything stays in place!

Yes, I know, if you opened it with this side laying down, nothing would fall out.  But how many times did I do that? ZERO!!!  Every time I opened it, everything came tumbling out.  

Took this to the show today and modified Linda's, then several others that were purchased.  Gave out 10" strips of adhesive velco strips with each one that we sold.  I'd have to say the modifications were a huge hit!!!  I don't think I have great ideas.....I just solve problems that I have with products.  Tomorrow I'll try to post some of the things we made with this little gem today.  I don't know if I like the box making feature the best, the bow maker or what?  I love the enveloper - have for some time and it's quite nice to have everything in one place!  

Great show today!!!  Even in one of the worst spring blizzards ever.  Yep, you read that right!  Tons of snow - horrible drive home, but fun show!!!

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Shelly N. said...

Great idea, anything to keep track of our precious "stuff". Less time looking for things and straightening thing up and MORE time creating.