Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Friendly Plastic Image transfer

I think this may be my favorite technique so far. At first sight, it looks just like a wild piece of jewelry. Gorgeous to say the least....but there's more to it than it just being a piece of wearable art.

The center of the pendant and the earrings came from this photo:

And that photo is my Chico's t-shirt that I scanned in. So....Now I have wearable art that matches the top I'm wearing. Beyond cool!!!

Simply melt Friendly Plastic pellets and run them through the pasta machine. Yep, while they are still a little warm. Then you do a fimo gel image transfer from a laser print to the pellets. You got it.....Friendly Plastic pellet image transfer.

(OK, I'm trying to dangle my earring so you can see it! LOL) Linda made the pendant, I made the earrings to go with it and I tell you.....I feel like I just accessorized with a million bucks! Let's face it....not just everyone has jewelry that literally matches the clothes they are wearing. I can see myself doing this for every new outfit I get!!!

Another amazing reason to play with Friendly Plastic pellets!!!

Now, if you want to see how badly we trashed my studio this week (I call it my studio on steroids!!!) pop on over to Linda's blog and wait for the video she just completed!!! And don't forget to check the Friendly Plastic blog....the buzz is growing by the minute!!!


Nancy said...

VERY cool!!

Anonymous said...

I can imagine everyone wanting accessories to match every outfit they have--new or otherwise. And, the fact that it is so simple to do makes it even better. Your playing and experimenting over the last 10 days or so has produced very fine results. Your studio is now officially ignaurated a laboratory. Good job to both you and Linda.

Anonymous said...

It has been wonderful to see your playing / working the past 10 days - what a lot of great stuff you have made!

Is there a "how to" on the fimo gel image transfer coming - well, to be honest I have not googled it yet. Will try that :)

You ladies must bed busy!

Have fun and thanks!


Jen Lowe said...

I see a ton of videos in the near furture both here, on Linda's blog and on the Friendly Plastic blog. So stay tuned!

Glad you've enjoyed the fun so far!

Mylene said...

What a cool piece of jewellery! Great idea Jen!