Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The music of art.

Art is like the music in the video below. We each create just one tiny piece and when it's all put together....we have a great chorus to view. 5 minutes and 18 seconds is all it will take to watch this video....I think it's pretty amazing. Not the song....but the technology used to join musicians from all over the world into one song in unison.

I've been busy this week designing and creating tiny little pieces of art that I will teach next month in San Diego. But when I have a class filled with creative men and women.....that's the chorus that I love the most. To see a technique that I teach turn into something even more wonderful than I could imagine - that's my true joy!

But we're going to add some technology to our art while I'm out in San Diego. Linda Peterson is going to skype into Scrapbook Your Life! and teach us one of her amazing techniques via the internet. So while we sit in San Diego, Linda will be with us (via live video feed) and we can see what she's doing and she can see what we make....a true interactive video class. The technology to join artists from all over the world into one song in unison.

Add to that my ability to take photos of my laptop screen where Linda is showing me her latest "finds" so I can rush out and purchase just the same thing!

OK, these are jewelry pieces from Michaels - I needed a good closeup so I'd know what I was looking for. Took the photo and printed it out and ran to the store (Oh! What a great enabler that girl is!!!)

And then, if you want to see what she did with just watch this video:

Doesn't she do a great job with her videos? And isn't it amazing that I can embed them here? But you can also watch them direct on youtube just search Linda Peterson Designs.

OK, I'm back to "work" - must finish up my class samples and get them in the mail. I'm giving myself til Friday to get them all done!!! So even more of my students and friends can enjoy the chorus we create from the art we design. Ah! Music to my ears!!!


Ginni said...

Enjoyed both videos, but especially the music one. There is also one similar to it on the website that you might want to check out! Wish I could join you in San Diego.

Lisa West said...

I just love all the things you work with and show on your blog and videos. I was impressed the first time I found you because of your experimenting with different elements. So fun. Anyway, I left an award on my blog for you so I can share you with some other bloggers who would really enjoy you. Please don't feel pressured to have to do anything with it. Just enjoy. Thanks, Lisa

Jen Lowe said...

Ginni, I have seen that one too. Cool, huh?

Lisa, Thanks! I really do love experimenting with product - I don't think we use half of what we have to the extent that we could. I just love taking flops or trash and seeing what I can do with it! I just need more time! LOL!

Anonymous said...

wow i just found your site!! amazing what more could be said i love your friends video to check more of you two out!!