Thursday, March 12, 2009

Break time!

OK - break time from Friendly Plastic! I've been down at mom's the last 3 days and I can hardly wait to share some of the things we did while I was there! I tell you what - women over 75 really know how to play!  

Mom likes to toss the paintings that she makes that she doesn't like into the trash.  But I think she's getting better, now she's cutting them up to turn into cards.  Here's an example:

With a little ink and a couple of stamps - it's an instant card....just so easy, and it comes with a piece of original art!

I totally love this one.  

Here's another one.  

So, here's a painting you can use.  Just print it on watercolor paper and it will look just like an original painting.  Then turn it into a card and email me a pic.  I'll post it here!

I just can't explain how fun it is to have a mom who paints, loves art, and who likes to play when I come to visit.  

Thanks mom!

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