Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Photo collages

I'm doing a few more photo collages for the front of my library cabinet this week. So, what is a photo collage? It's a collage based or centered around a photo or photos. It doesn't have any specific size or shape. So it's not 2x3 or 8x8 or 8x11 or 12x12....it's whatever the size ends up being once I'm done! Talk about liberating freedom! And of course, since these are going to go on the outside of a cabinet and not into an album or envelope...who cares what size they end up??? LOL!

I truly love how this one turned out. On my birthday, mom sent me a card and inside, she had included this photo of me. For years now, mom has been a watercolor artist....and I've been pulling everything she puts into the trash and stockpiling it! So today, I started cutting up paintings with flowers in them. The 2 tulips here....yep...she threw them into the trash!!!

She had put this photo of her next to the photo of me in the card she sent. I honestly never realized how much we looked alike. All my life, everyone said I looked just like my dad and the "Moores". I think it's because I was dark complected and mom was fair-skinned. But when I saw the endless curly hair, the knobby knees, the curved in toes...the nose....well, you be the judge! And yes, more flowers from mom's trash on this side!

I honestly do not know where the poetry comes from. I laid these 2 photos next to each other and it was just "there"!

Just two little girls
Playing on the farm
Dressed in white
And full of charm.

Take another look
It's amazing to see
It's mother and daughter
They both look like me!

And then the final question. Did Grandma save the dress and shoes mom was wearing....and they hemmed it up and it's what I'm wearing? Sure looks possible to me!!!

Treasure your photos. You never know what you might "see" in them one day years from now. Oh! and don't hesitate to go through mom's trash! Who knows what wonderful scraps, bits and pieces you might find there!!!

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