Tuesday, December 30, 2008

More than scarves

I've been promoted!!! I am now making hats to go with all the scarves. I made this set for Kerry's daughter.....and I think she really liked it! I have to admit, it looked so cute on her that I might just have to make a set for myself!

And I will confess that I did not start with the easiest type of yarn (full of bumps and knots) nor the easiest pattern (I used 4 strands of yarn with a # 15 needle).

And I ran out of yarn....so I had to learn how to switch colors.  If you must know....I did this wrong 4 times and then decided to read the directions and got it right!  LOL!!!

But it turned out absolutely perfect and it will keep her warm (she lives/works up in the mountains).  Yes, I do think I'll have to make a few more hats.  I know, I know....where are the mittens???


Margie H said...

LOVE this hat!!!!
Great job :0)

Have a wonderful new year!!!

I'm hoping to see you in July...aren't you going to be Chicago (Bloomingdale to be exact)? I am 15 mins from Indian Lakes Resort! LOL!!

Jen Lowe said...

Still on schedule to present at the Metal Clay World Conference! See ya this summer!!!