Friday, December 26, 2008

Eight Nights of Lights - Night 6

Have you seen Adam Sandler's "Eight Crazy Nights"? Do you know his Hanukkah Song? Tonight should be about humor. Humor can be something that makes your laugh til you hurt....or something quite simple that puts a smile on your face.

Maybe I should have titled these blogs "Jen's 8 crazy nights of lights!" I think I've given some truly different spins on the word "light".

We need humor in our life to balance out the sad, the grief, the tragic. But we also need to learn to find the balance. A little of this and a little of that.

Tonight, I'm working with friendly plastic. You can purchase it at your local Hobby Lobby or at Amaco. It never ceases to amaze me all the fun things you can do with this product and I don't think we use it to it's fullest potential. I hope this video will teach you how to do my favorite technique - diecutting friendly plastic and melting it into canvas to make wonderfully fun collages.

Sometimes, I just sit and giggle at the things my brain comes up with. Diecutting Friendly Plastic - melting it into canvas. One has to wonder how my brain works! LOL!!!


Willow said...

I love what you've done with the Friendly Plastic...and of course, I am waiting each day for your next creative posting!!! Thanks so much for that..(thaks too for Adam, that song and those that followed just crack me up)...Anyway, I have a question, can the Friendly Plastic be melted onto plain cardstock or chipboard or do you have to use canvas...and are you using a canvas board for your ATCs...Thanks again for all the fun videos!!!!

Jen Lowe said...

Hi Willow - I have cut up Bind-it-all's canvas covers to use for my ATCs - they are great! And yes, you can adhere FP to chipboard....and I'm sure to cardstock...but with cardstock, it might tear off simply because the FP is going to be so much heavier than the CS. But if you backed the CS with chipboard or acrylic.....oh! the possibilities are just endless!!!