Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Kelly's fibers, part 1

Kelly has fibers and they are all for sale.  I'll try to take photos of the ones she gave me, but these are just gorgeous!  Scarf # 4 is using 4 skeins:

oh look!  I finally got the "bling" to photo!

I would call that ribbon, and then mohair with bling:

And sort of half velvet, half eyelash:

Together, the 4 skeins are looking like this, perhaps the prettiest scarf yet!

And these 2 skeins:

 and these 3, so I definitely see more scarves in the near future!

This is not Kelly's, I got it at a shop in Boulder, and for whatever reason, the bling in it just will not photo.  So frustrating!

If you want fiber, let me know and I'll hook you up with Kelly.  She has hundreds of fibers to choose from.  Beyond gorgeous!

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