Thursday, October 2, 2008

The name game!

When we started making name plates for the retreat this weekend, I was quite surprised to see so many names that start with the same sound! Pretty funny!

I think Rose, Aubrey and Deborah need a prize for having an "un-alike" name! LOL!

And aren't those just the cutest stamps? From a Stamp of Excellence, of course!!! Beyond perfect for this weekend - little kids playing - which is exactly what I hope goes on around here!!!

Of course, I colored mine in!!! But the gals can decorate theirs as soon as they arrive! It just depends on how much they want to play!!!

The "welcome" sign for the front door is ready to print.........

Welcome to

-wonder why you're here
-wonder how we fit 19 women inside this house
-wonder why I agreed to this
-wonder how we did this for free
-wonder where the food will all go
-wonder if the back deck will hold up
-wonder how much fun you'll have!!!

The first ever "Annual Crafting Tony Awards - ACT As" are completed and ready to be presented to the winners! Oh! Just wait till you see them!!!

And the "NAughty Girl" Hat - the NAG - is finished and ready for the first qualifying person to

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