Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

Today mom turns 77 and it's snowing and I'm going to miss lunch with her. So instead, I decided to write my thoughts about her because to me, she is the most amazing woman that I know.

She was born in 1930. I know the family didn't have much money, but I love that they had this photo taken of her.

She was a teenager during the world wars. She loved horses. I'd agree when she says she was a tomboy!

What I love is that she is so much fun! A few years ago, she said that she wanted to ride a horse one more time in her life. So I arranged a day with my friend Joyce....and mom rode her horse!

She was a nurse, then a family nurse practitioner. When I look back at her life, she took care of her father, her children, her husband, then her mother....she was a caregiver her entire life until Grandma passed away. That is when I say mom became the woman she was meant to be....when she had time to be herself rather than being the caregiver she always was.

She was 53 when she first picked up a paintbrush. And wow! What an inspiration to me. A reminder that I can learn anything at any age!

I don't know what I like the best. How she paints the calm quiet of an old pueblo building and the memories of our drives together to Santa Fe and Taos to photograph them:

or the grandeur of the Colorado mountains and her abstract interpretations of the gorgeous color that abounds on an otherwise snow-filled day like today:

Or is it her vivid flowers? Mom can look at a flower and see all the colors of the rainbow in it. She can make a bouquet burst alive and make you want to reach out and touch the painting just to feel the life that is in it:

She can paint a memory that no one photographed like the tulips that laid to rest on top of Grandma Hazel's casket:

But perhaps what I love the most is that she paints the memories that no one else has like this scene which was her Great Grandfather House's homestead...the farm that I grew up on:

She is the inspiration for the words for this writing that were turned into a stamp:

And I'm sure that about now, she is giving me this look:

I could write volumes about mom...but we will spread it out over future blogs. For today, I will just say that I am so blessed that Jehovah chose her as my mom, that I love her more than words can say, and that I am so grateful that she raised me exactly like she did!

I love you mom! Happy Birthday!!!


Ginni said...

I'd say, Jen, that your mom was equally blessed with three loving daughters and a son. I am glad for you that you can share these years with your mother - they are most precious. Enjoy each and every time you are together because these will become even more precious memories.


Jen Lowe said...

Well, you must not have counted me! There are 4 of us Moore girls and our brother! Yep..mom was quite busy, huh? LOL!

Ginni said...

Sorry, I was counting you, but missed one of your sisters! It just makes her all the "moore" blessed - (boo, hiss - I know, bad pun)!


Nancy Lynn said...

Cherish her, love her and enjoy her. My Mom is gone and I miss her so much. She sounds like a great lady........and you are so fortunate to have her. Thanks for posting about her. Nancy in Tucson