Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas past

I think most of my life, when I have looked back at photos from the past...I have focused on my really bad hair. Naturally curly, with lots of cowlicks....it just sort of always seems to do it's own thing and stick out all over the place!!!

This week, Kerry bought me a digital photo frame. They do not "like" apple computers! So I have been doing a lot of photo editing and have decided to start looking beyond all my bad hair!

But first, if you ever want to see my photos larger, just go to my Picasa site and find the photo there!

Most of our childhood photos are unlabeled and undated. But based on ages (and who is not yet in the photo) I can pretty much give most of them a date. Here, Colleen must be just about 13 months old. That would make me 26 months old. So Christmas 1953. Mom, hiding behind Aunt Yvonne, would have been pregnant with Elaine. Notice the size of the doll I am holding...looks to be almost as tall as I am. I googled the average height of a 2 year old and it's 32 inches, so I'd guess this doll to be at least 25". Wouldn't it be fun to find one just like her today? Is this where my love of dolls came from? And look at the teddy bear dad has his hands on. We must have been quite proud of all our gifts that year!

This next photo I'd date 1957 as April looks to be just about a year old. That would make me 6. Look at those skinny, skinny legs! I love the expression on all our faces in this photo. I wonder if I ever looked directly into a camera in my life...the flash still hurts my eyes! Colleen...so photogenic and such curly hair! And then Elaine...look at her curls. I remember her with such straight hair all her life! What happened to the curls? I promise to learn more about photo restoration...but look at our shoes! That alone could date the photo! The cutest part....everyone seems to be holding April up! LOL!

And this one...the height of my "bad hair" days! (I only wish). I've not quite figured out the date on this one. But Nelson looks to be about 3 or 4 years old here. So I would date it to about 1965. I can remember the outfit I have on. It was a wool vest and matching plaid pleated skirt. I looked like an eskimo in it and it itched like heck...but I made it! I think most of us started sewing about age 10 and made most of our clothes once we got in high school (well, ok, with a whole lot of help from mom!) I just remember that I loved the fabric!

If you don't have a digital photo frame, consider getting one. As we sit here and watch the photo slide show..it brings back so many happy memories and the stories just seem to flow. Of course, one of these days, I will scan in all my layouts and add them, but for now, I'm starting with photos from our past. Things like playing in a sandpile with our winter hats and mittens on....reminds me that our house was tiny, less than 900 sf, with 7 of us living in it, so I'm sure mom bundled us up and sent us outside as much as she could!

My Christmas Past! I wouldn't change a thing!!! Not even the bad hair!!!


Anonymous said...

I had a doll very much like that when I was 5 or 6! That summer we went to Mesa Verde for the first time and I wouldn't leave her in the car but she was so big I couldn't carry her while we climbed up and down the ladders. I remember my Dad being pretty upset with me because he ended up carrying her! You spark such wonderful memories! Thanks for all you do! Peggy P

Anonymous said...

Linda had a two year old doll with long straigh black hair--I thought it was really great--even though I was not a big doll fan. I got one while on summer vacation in a dime store in Nebraska. My had short curly brown hair and I would guess it is still in the attic at Mom and Dad's. My cleaning out and going through family stuff has not gotten up to the attic yet...there is still 2008 and beyond.

Jen Lowe said...

Nola, can I come clean out your attic? LOL!