Wednesday, December 26, 2007

2008 CD Calendar

I'm having such a great time with ditigal stuff, but I'm planning to switch back to paper for my 2008 calendar. However, I'm looking for opinions comparing these 2 types of calendars before I move forweard.

This first one is a calendar that I purchased from Scrappers Guide. It's a transparency and I pulled it in over a piece of paper that I designed.

This next calendar was created in excel in a table, converted to a jpg, and then changed to a transparency. A whole lot more work, but I think I like the boxes for each calendar date. Could give me a little space to write things inside the box.

Converting a black and white photo to a transparency was a bit tricky, but for those of you who like to try new things, here's my instructions:

Open a black and white jpg photo in Photoshop CS3

Click on the background eraser tool
Set the brush to 130 pixesl (use a round brush)
Click on "sampling continuous"
change limits to "discontiguious"
Set the tolerance at 12%
And click the box to protect foreground color

Then "paint" the entire picture with your brush. It paints all the white areas to transparency. It's a pretty cool way to do things. You can then drag the transparency on top of something else to get a fun new look

I'm off to play with this technique tonight...just to see what kind of collages I can make using old photos. Should be fun! Oh, and stay tuned, I'm working on a pocket filled, action packed, interactive calendar for 2008. Just the thing you will want to carry around to keep track of your play time!!!

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