Monday, December 24, 2007

10 Second Layout

OK, maybe 10 minutes! But how fast can one design a great layout, card, tag, brochure, flyer....anything.. using digital scrapbooking techniques. Now, I still prefer paper as I'm a hands-on type of gal....but when I can't get to my studio, this is just so much fun!!!

I thought that was "good", but then I decided to play around with my brushes tool and some shadowing techniques. Look what happened when I added 2 simple brush clicks! Oh wow! I think I need to run through a few more tutorials on brushes!!!

I love the fact that the family is standing in front of the door and that's where the greeting came from. Something so simple, so quick, so much fun! I received the photo as an email attachment, and quickly sent it back as a layout! Of course, the little girls are Kerrys granddaughters, so it's all in the family!

How much fun can you have in 10 minutes?

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