Sunday, October 7, 2007

Giving back

On my 40th birthday, someone gave me a card that had the "when I am old I will wear purple and red" saying on it. Something was wrong with that...something just didn't fit - for me. Several years later, I wrote my version of it and put it on a card to mom because it was really me saying the things I thought she was thinking at that time.

"When I am old, I will wear green and blue to match my bruises. I will laugh loud and long, and I will have drama in my life. When I have time, I will sit in my garden and paint my flowers. My friends will come for coffee and I will make them biscotti. I will take long, slow trips and wander through art galleries and take pictures of old doors, old mailboxes and old houses. When I fall down and get bruised, my children will come and take care of me and then they will tell me that I have to go live with them. But I shall say no and live alone and sit with my cat in the shade and laugh at my grandchildren and not be afraid. I will play with the child that's still inside of me. My bones will shrink and I will get short and my hips will get wide and I will buy a pound of chocolate and hide it on the shelf. I will read my Bible and tell the angels they were wrong when they take my children before they take me. I will keep my bags packed in case you want to go somewhere and start my car every day just to make sure it still runs. When I am old I will wear green and blue to match my bruises, I know they will be doozies!!!"

I always wanted to have a rubber stamp of that saying. So a year ago, I was working with Linda Hanson at After Midnight Stamps and things just evolved to where she and I decided to produce a line of stamps for Lucy McGoo. My sister, Colleen, did most of the preliminary sketches of Lucy...she is just so talented!

Lucy as art:

This sheet is dedicated to my sister's granddaughter, Anna Lee. Anna was born with only two chambers in her heart. At the age of 2, she has already had 10 heart surgeries. As soon as she weighs 30 pounds, she will undergo a heart transplant at Stanford Hospital in California

10% of the price of this sheet of stamps will go directly to the Anna Lee “Little Lucy” Heart Fund at Stamford. Your purchase will not only bring you joy in the years to come, it will help keep Anna (and other children needing heart transplants) alive.

Anna needs a new heart. You need new stamps! Together…we can spend our money to make everyone happy!!!

Lucy as an angel:

This set of stamps is dedicated to Israel. One million five hundred thousand twinkling lights is what you will see when you enter the Children's Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem. 1.5 million tiny lives that were never given a chance a generation before most of our lives began. In honor of each of these children, 10% of the retail price of this sheet of stamps will be sent to Israel. Lucy wants to be an angel to all children, young and old! May you find your angels everywhere you look!!!

Lucy Dances:

Lucy can’t begin to fathom life without her hair!
But all around her, more and more of her friends and their friends are getting cancer, undergoing chemotherapy, and losing their hair. Joyce has survived 11 years now. Nola has survied 5 years! Janis starts chemotherapy in 2 weeks.

10% of the price of this sheet of stamps will go directly to the Susan G. Koman Cancer Fund in the hopes that one day, none of Lucy’s friends will be lockless. Together, let’s keep Lucy in lots of locks!!!

To date, over $600.00 has been sent to these charities. OK....I guess I have to confess that just a bit more than 10% is being given away! I am so blessed by my art that most of what I receive is simply given back through these charities in the hopes that someone else will be able to play just a little bit more.

If you would like to purchase any of Lucy's stamps, just click here.

We are working hard to bring you more stamps in the near future!

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