Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Lucy McGoo and Lindy Lou!

One day, my dear friend, Torrey Scott, and I were having one of our creative play sessions and we decided we wanted to create our own little company. We needed a name. She and I both love to do "plays" on words and I think about a hundred possible names were tossed around...but Lucy McGoo is what stuck.

We decided that I was Lucy....a young girl who resides in an old lady's body. I love to play, but my body and my mind don't always cooperate. I'm also getting a bit blind as I age and even though I can't always see what I somehow ends up looking just fine!

Torrey is known as the MacGyver of scrapbooking. That's where the "Mc" came from. Just like the real MacGyver, Torrey will try anything on a scrapbook page. She experiments in her labora-torrey and has her own terri-torrey where you never know what might catch on fire next! Her pages are fun, funky and textural.

You are the GOO! You are what keeps Lucy McGoo going. You are the creative inspiration of who we are, the reason we keep striving to find new and creative ways to play. You are the reason we have so much fun.

Together, we are Lucy McGoo.

We now have 2 e-books, a line of rubber stamps, and a product called Wonder Goo. More on those in the days to come!

But right now, we are adding Lindy Lou to our product line! The inspiration behind Lindy Lou is Linda Peterson. Check out her blog! She is my guru, my inspiration, and our dear, dear friend!

Torrey and I first met Linda on a cruise - all of us were teachers. She does product design for Amaco...and we just had more fun than anything on that cruise. We have become great friends over the years and shared in so much of our lives. I figure that anyone who will pose with a monkey for me....must be as crazy as we are!!!

Linda and I are planning a creative weekend together in the Ozarks. I can hardly wait to see what happens...I'm sure there will have to be a Lindy Lou stamp or two. I can already visualize the poems forming in my brain...

Lucy McGoo and Lindy Lou
Oh dear! What will they do?
Come scrap and play the Lucy way
And clay with Lindy today!

Lindy Lou is going to play with clay - up to her elbows with molds and such! I think her full name is going to be Lindy Lou McGoo!

This is going to be a whole new era in the life of Lucy McGoo. Who knows...maybe there is room for a Laney, Lottie and Lola!


Linda Peterson Designs said...

Oh Jen!!!! What can I say? I'm honored to be the Lindy Loo of Lucy McGoo!!! But that picture...oh does that bring back memories....seems I have a few of you and Torrey posing with the monkey...
Love your blog!
Can't wait for our craft day/week/month/year....Linda

Jen said...

I probably have 200 photos of that trip! And I will never get them all printed and scrapped....but what a fun way to share them via a blog! Did I really pose with a monkey? LOLOL!

Lindy Loo and Lucy McGoo...
Wonder if they play like you?

More on our play date later!!!