Saturday, September 29, 2007

It's my birthday...and I'm planning a party....

OK! Want to sing along with me?? Yep...FIFTY SIX years ago today...I was born! What an amazing life this has been! Do I have any complaints? OF COURSE I DO!!! Old age pain...things I can't do anymore.... But mom once said to me "Well, Jennifer, I don't think that on the day you were born, anyone gave you a gift certificate entitling you to "one easy life", did they?" and that has stuck with me throughout the years. These days, I just ignore my complaints, my aches and pains, because it really has been a wonderful life!

I doubt that mom planned to have so many little girls so fast....but I am SO GLAD that she did!!!

We have grown up, grown apart, and now grown back together as our lives have taken us to Colorado, California, Texas....and now all back to Colorado!

We are all about a year apart in age, and just about as different in personality as one could ever imagine. But I swear, if any of us ever need a thing...the other 3 are right there on the front doorstep.

Today is my birthday and I'm planning a party. OK...I'm planning several parties! I'm in San Diego teaching workshops this week and for lunch, today...a party with friends in Julian. For dinner...a party with friends in Santee. When I get back to Colorado...a party with friends there! I think I'll just plan to party all week long!

But for all the partying I can do, I always take a moment every year on this day to thank mom for bringing me into this world all those years ago. Hey mom! How does it feel to have a FIFTY SIX year old daughter? LOLOL! Probably not an ounce different than it feels to have FOUR daughters ALL over the age of 50!!!

You are the best mom ever and I am so honored to be your daughter! I love you mom!


Debby said...

Happy Birthday Jen! Have fun partying!

Ron said...


Happy Birthday to You!!!

(and many more!)

long distance {{hugs}}

Ron - the guy from RI who likes doors!

Anonymous said...

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