Monday, December 31, 2018

Card Making

We had a New Year's crop at the local scrapbook store this weekend.  Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday (so far) and tomorrow.  I haven't been the whole time, but when there, I was quite productive - made 63 cards so far!

Someone asked about my "process" - how do I make cards - so I thought I'd try to explain.  But the bottom line, it's all about just creating and playing.

A lot of these cards are made from watercolor paintings that were flops.  My 2 sisters and I paint.  Ok, they paint, I take classes in the hopes that one day I will be able to paint.  We have a lot of flops.  So instead of putting them in the trash, I cut them up for cards.

I recently attended the Copic Boot Camp in Arizona and after 4 intense days of coloring with copic markers, I've been working on finishing up what I started there and am using some of those "samples" as card backgrounds.  I cut them to 4x6" and keep them in a plastic bin.

I taught a class using oxide reinkers and those samples are now cards.

When I get 40 or 50 or more together, then I take an evening and sit and match papers to the colors in the image.  I will pull 2 sheets of each color, stack them, then put the card front on top of that and store all of these "sets" in another plastic bin.

I keep a separate container filled with stamped sentiments.  I usually replenish this when it starts to get empty.

I have another container filled with peel off stickers - mostly sentiments.

I cut a variety of die cut images in white or white glitter to use on cards.  These go in another bin.

When there's a crop, I simply pull all the bins, take them to the store and sit and assemble cards.  When I'm doing that, I decide what kind of card it will be and then go to the sentiment bin or the peel off bin and pull a saying.  This time I also took my rub-on sentiments.

Rarely do I sit and make a card from beginning to end.  I've decided it's more fun to play with different mediums and use different techniques and then, later, turn those items into cards.  Makes for a lot of fun play days!

64 new cards in 4 days.  Might just be a record for me!  I have sold 6 of them, given several away and think I have about 48 cards left to replenish my stock.  They probably won't last too long!

So, can you tell which ones are watercolor, vs copic markers, vs oxide reinkers, vs brushos, vs something else?  They sort of all blend together after awhile!  Sure is fun to play!!!


CraftyJo said...

Love your 'process' Jen, sounds like something I should try rather than sitting and doing one whole card at time! Your results are fab.

Happy New Year from Wales, UK

Jennifer Moore Lowe said...

Hi Jo! Happy New Year from Colorado USA! When I first started making cards I did just that. Stamp the image, color it in, make the card from start to finish. My current “process” is so much more fun as I can have an hour just stamping images, put that mess away, then spend a day coloring with copics, another day with colored pencils, another day with my Tombows. Perhaps my watercolor painting days are the most fun and while almost every painting is a flop - they are turning out to be fun cards and people just love getting them! I’m thinking you should give it a try in 2019!!! Hope you have a fab year! Jen

Roberta Sarver said...

Jenny, Whoever said you can't paint?! Those cards are so beautiful!

Neet said...

Well Jen, I must say that was a treat for the eyes. I do love the watercolours you have done, especially the landscapes and the sunflowers. Don't get me wrong, I like all of them but those in particular stand out for me. As for not being able to paint - I wish I could paint as good as what you can't (if you get my drift - ie you CAN paint and DO paint beautfully).
Hugs, Neet xx

Neet said...

Just lost my comment which basically said I wish i could paint as good as what you can't. (ie you CAN paint and do so wonderfully). I love the scenic cards and the sunflowers in particular. Wish I could do such beautiful work.
Hugs, Neet xx