Monday, December 17, 2018

Add a little color to your world

Do you love paper dolls?  I always have!  Janet Lennon used to be my favorite, but a few months ago, Graphic 45 came out with a line of paper doll paper that was just too cute.  And while the paper was nice, I love to cut up their stuff and re-engineer it into something even better!

This 8 x 5 1/2" journal took quite some time to finish.  Tons of paper dolls to be cut out.  I hope you can see from the photos and explanations just how interactive this journal is.

Starting with the cover, the dolls will lift out of the paper doll's arms.  Silk ribbon covering every ribbon on the paper.  Feel free to click on the photo to enlarge it and see the details.

This is the "sister's page.

A couple of postcards lift out for future journaling

Next is the family page.....little tiny daisies sprinkled about....

The 2 center "cards" fold up and down for more journaling spots.

This is the "mother" page

The tag on the top pulls up, the card opens to the left and bottom, the cut out paper dolls all come out.

 Next is the father's page.  I love the tiny banner across the top!

A page folds down

then it folds out and the paper dolls come out

And the "brother" page.  Nothing folds out, but the paper dolls and clothes come out of the pocket.  The hats can be found in a variety of spots.  

This is the "friends" page with 2 pockets for the dolls to tuck down inside.  3 paper dolls, 3 outfits and 3 hats.  Can you find them all?

 The back page....all blue and cream....and then the sentiment.  Think it's perfect!

Someone once told me that if you can hear it, you will retain 25% of it.  But if you can see it, hear it, touch it, feel it, and interact with it, you will remember 90% of it.  No idea how much time I put into this journal....but what fun!  Definitely adds a touch of color to my life!


ladickerman said...

What a cute and beautiful idea. You are so creative and do such intriguing work.

Roberta Sarver said...

Jenny, That is so cute! -Takes me back to childhood days. I used to have paper dolls too. --Roberta

Peggy said...

That is awesome! I use to love playing with paper dolls. Enjoy, Peggy