Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Upcycled denim scrapbook caddy

 I'm pretty sure this caddy was made by All My Memories - and they are now out of business.  But I truly love it.  Problem is the elastic was shot.  And I'm on this kick to recycle jeans and make things out of denim.....so the first step was to rip this thing apart.  I found out just exactly how well constructed it was!!!  I will keep the pieces if anyone wants the pattern.

I couldn't find denim elastic, so I ended up using some Rit dye.  I couldn't find denim mesh or belting....so I reused everything else from the above tote and painted it with alcohol ink and jacquard dyes.  It worked!

This was not an easy project and I most likely won't repeat it!  LOL!!!  I think it took a total of 4 days, and I broke at least 10 of the #16 needles in the process.  I don't have an industrial sewing machine and there are 8 layers of denim and/or binding in spots!  Each of the tall inner panels and the base are reinforced with cardboard interiors.  I even found vinyl iron-on backing that covers the inside panels...I'm good at forgetting to tighten the lids on my bottles.  :(

Because I was doing this my way, I added a large pocket across the back and 5 belt loops to hang things from.  I added a pencil loop at the top on one side because I can never find a pencil.  Sure enough - I couldn't even find one to put in it today!  LOL!!!

This thing is a work horse!  It holds my paper trimmer, atg gun, enveloper, chalks, and everything else I could possibly need at a crop.  I still have room for more!  I love the clear pocket in front - helps find the "little" things that often get lost in a caddy.

I used 2 pairs of mens jeans to make this and I still have denim left over!

Next up I'm going to cut one of those white plastic lazy susan's from walmart to fit under the bottom so this will rotate around on my desk and I can easily get to whatever I need.  

I've had a great time making this.  But I'm thinking next time.....just replace the worn out elastic!  LOL!!!

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dpelham said...

Check out your hardware store for metal lazy susans, about $5.