Sunday, April 2, 2017

The road to Jaffa

Started this morning with our last visit to the Western Wall.  I still think it's incredible that we've been able to go so often in the 3 weeks we've been here. The entry we normally used was closed, so we walked back up to the top, then back down the other side, then back up to get to the apartment.  That was a lot of steps, but so worth it!

Then we took a walk to find arches to paint later on.


I love the plants they are starting to set out.


Not too many out and about this early in the day


Even an arched building


We had breakfast and then it was time to leave.  Our hosts had gone shopping and emailed that they wanted to get back to say goodbye.  But it was time, so we headed down the street to meet our driver.  When he showed up, he asked where Yushai was.  I said he wasn't there.  He said, let me call him.  I guess they were trying to find a place to park their car and very soon, Yushai came up to the car.  It was so nice that he wanted to say goodbye.  But then Rivka came, and the look on her face took my breath away.  It was like she was saying goodbye to her sisters and that she was so happy she made it in time.  It touched me to the core.  I will miss them, that's for sure!

And just as we pulled away, the rain came.  They say that rain here is a blessing, but they also say it is tears from heaven.  And I thought to myself that it has to be tears because we are leaving.  Isn't God's timing simply amazing?  We have not had rain the entire time we've been here and the moment we pull away, it starts to rain.

Some things simply leave you speachless!


Such a nice drive from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv today.  But as we pulled out of the city I knew that a part of my heart stayed behind.  I also know that at this age, anything can happen and I might not get to return.  But there's a piece of me that will always be here.

And then we were in Jaffa with her spectacular views of Tel Aviv.  We wondered up to the artist colony, but most everything is still closed as it is just starting to be tourist season here.  


From the top, we walked down to the port.  Not so much to see, but a nice walk.


It didn't take too long to get sort of oriented.  There's a tall clock tower that can be seen from everywhere and our apartment for the next 3 nights isn't far from here.


Our apartment is gigantic - 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a huge balcony with a partial view of the sea.  Third floor with an elevator!  I might not do any more steps!!!   


We took a walk along the beach to find a place for dinner.  I think if you can't be in Jerusalem, then this is the next best place!


We had a ton of things planned for this week.....but we have decided to cancel a lot of them and just spend our time on the beach having a real vacation.  I think it's going to be great!!!

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