Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The last place is the best place

Today, we moved into our last apartment.  It is incredible.  Right on the ocean!  Wonderful view, clean, well furnished, and we have a cleaning service if we want it!


After we got settled in, I took a walk and saw some unique things - at least I think they were unique!  How often do you see a horse drawn cart moving stuff?  Tel Aviv is an extremely modern city....but obviously has some antiquated ways about it.


I certainly did not come here to find a bar covered with American license plates....but it's here!!!


Nachalet Binyaman is an interesting street.  But the farther you walk down it, the more interesting it becomes.  Almost every shop is a fabric shop.  But nothing related to quilting!  This is a dress market...and these are dressier fabrics.  Many imported from Europe.


I tried hard to find a "seam" in their dress and there were none.  Not sure if they stitched the knitting into the front panel, or if this was more of a tube.  But I did like the design.


A lot of the shops had samples of formals in the windows.  If you need lace, this is the place to find it.


This window was simply stunning!


This shop was 2 stories of nothing but lace and trims.  I think you could find anything in here!  And it's just one of numerous trim shops.


This is a walking neighborhood - no cars allowed.  I loved how they hung panels between the buildings to provide shade.


I walked about 2 miles to get to "ARTA" - the largest art store in Tel Aviv.  It was worth the walk and I had a great time just looking at stuff.  I can't take back I stuck to solids.  Found a couple of rather funky brushes.  This first one is about 1/2" in diameter, very thick hairs, and cut on an angle.


This one had a photo above it showing what to do with it.  I can't wait to try it out!  The clerk was so cute as she didn't think I should be spending as much money as I was.  She wanted to know if I painted as a job and when I said, no - just for fun - I think she was a bit shocked!


These are "Arta" brushes - made here in Israel.  I didn't have the heart to tell the clerk that these are less than half what I'd pay for them at home - and red sable brushes at that.


'The Carmel market was open and it is always so interesting.  Today I saw a guy hawking a veg-o-matic or something similar


It was very busy.  


It's very Americanized here in Tel Aviv.  Outside the market, I found "Cheers"!  LOL!


Found a place close by with a view for dinner.  They closed the Main Street as there is supposed to be some kind of night time marathon.  We're back in the room, it's dark, and we still haven't seen the runners go by.


This is an amazing city.  Some places are so modern, chic, upscale and others are like a 3rd world country.  Traffic is the same as any huge city center....yet the beach seems to slow things down.  On our first trip, we didn't even spend a day here.  On our second trip, I think we were in the hotel for 4 hours and then left to go to the airport.  It's so nice to get to spend some time here and explore the city on foot.  But I have to say, our apartment here is probably the best apartment we've ever had.  A perfect place in a perfect place.  :)

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