Thursday, March 9, 2017

Safed and Tiberius

After yet another giant breakfast identical to yesterday, we left our wonderful B&B and headed to Safed.  We have been to Safed every single trip and couldn't miss it this time.  It's a true artist's colony.  Couldn't begin to find parking, drove up a one way street and had to back out, but found a spot where???  At the bottom of these steps!  LOL!!  Something about us and steps!


This site is a very familiar one...the entrance to the shops.  Many of the merchants buy from multiple artists, but there are still some working artists here.


We first met this weaver in 2005.  It is great to see how his business has grown.


He started in a tiny shop, then a larger store and has now moved his 3 giant looms to an area upstairs.  When we first met him, he only had a small loom.


He makes gorgeous wall hangings and prayer shawls.


I bought these earrings.  Always buy something when here....must support the artists!!


From there we drove to Tiberius.  I absolutely love the Kinneret and our hotel room has a spectacular view of the sea.


But no wifi in the room.  Small price to pay for the view!

We walked down to the promenade and saw these incredible trees.  They made a great wall 


And a selfie by the sea to end the day.


No wifi so we are truly resting up.  Tomorrow we drive to Jerusalem and return our rental car.  It's going to be an adventure driving into town on a Sabbath!  Keep us in your prayers for sure!!!


Unknown said...

I'm loving your blog and pictures. You are doing a great job of showing the parts of Israel we don't normally see on travel logs. Why are you returning your car so soon. Won't you be there for quite awhile yet?

Jennifer Moore Lowe said...

Veda, we are going to be 3 weeks in Jerusalem and will use the train and taxis here., we needed the car while we were driving in the northern parts where they don't have mass transportations n. Hope that makes sense. Gas is $60 for a 10 gallon tank and the car was about $75 per day. Taking a taxi anywhere will be cheaper!