Friday, March 3, 2017

I'm grateful we can laugh at ourselves!!!

I might not share everything that happens to us.  This title could have said....I'm grateful we're so stupid....forgetful....easily entertained....for a hundred and one reasons.  Problem is, you simply wouldn't believe it! April even said, "it happened to me and I don't believe it!!!"

We arrived in Tel Aviv about 1:30 pm and it simply IS home.  Our first 3 nights are in the last place we stayed 2 years ago.  Wonderful vacation apartments.  They upgraded us to a room with a jacuzzi tub.  We looked everywhere for the towels.  Found 2 small hand towels and decided we could get by tonight.  April is sitting in the bath and says, "we looked everywhere for the towels, where else could they be?"  I said, "are they under the bed?"  She said, "look right next to you!"  Sure enough the towels were in a nice arrangement in the center of the bed....I had already moved the champagne, glasses and candy that was arranged with them....but I had left the towels right there!  Thought we were going to die laughing at ourselves.  Mind you, this happened AFTER I started typing this blog....but it's a great example of how the last 48 hours have gone!!!


After we got here, we walked out the back side of the place and headed to the beach, 1/2 block away.  At the end of the street is our favorite Shuarma place.  Asi Shuarma Yona-Hanavin 1.  I sat down, sank my teeth into the pita filled pocket and said, "I am home!!!"



They just unwrapped this fresh Shuarma and will need t let it roast overnight.


Of course we walked about a mile on the beach and Jehovah welcomed us with His spectacular paintings in the sky!




We're located at the Allenby fountain.  I could sit all evening and watch the water dance in the light.  But we went next door and had a scoop of ice cream.

It really is home!!!


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