Thursday, March 23, 2017

Covering Jerusalem one step at a time

We are definitely walking.  Over 7 miles today!  Started the morning by going up to the top of Temple the rain.  Very few people there so I could get some great shots.  I don't think I've ever seen the plaza this empty....but not sure who would go in the rain other than me.  The stones that you walk on are slicker than ice when it rains.


I just decided to walk and take different shots.  I didn't follow our normal "path" - took a different route.


Most of what's here has been built in the last 300 years or so.


This is looking from the west to the east, straight across from the Golden Gate.  It is the site where many believe the next Temple will be - right across from the Golden Gate.  Not a thing there now.  Is there a reason for that?


I counted this gate as being at least 40 feet deep on the intside and we know that it jets out on the other side of the wall.  It's sealed.  This is the Gate the Messiah will walk through.


There are plenty of these small domed buildings on the exterior of the Mount.  Makes for an interesting skyline.


It looked as thought the Olive Groves on Temple Mount have been plowed.  I have said for years that they store stones here.  These are just too big to have been "plowed" up.


Next up was the Church of the Holy Seplechur.   A lot of people believe this is where Christ laid.  They come, neal down, and kiss this stone.  Think about that for a moment.  13,000,000 tourists per year kissing this stone.  And you wonder how germs, disease and more gets spread.  No, I have not and will not kiss this stone!  :)


Normally, there are throngs of people inside and outside this place.  If you come, get up and go early.  Nearly deserted on the outside, but a couple of tour groups on the outside.  One of the shop keepers told us that the Sweeds were in town today.  


This is Skull hill where Christ was crucified.


And he was buried in this tomb next to that.  Well, upon further inspection, it would appear that this "grave" is about 4 or 5' long.  Did they think he was a short person?


The opening to the tomb.    Like I've said, there are always 2 or 3 places where something happened.  No one knows for sure.  I decided today that you could just put down a rock, build a church over it and say something happened there.  If you are good enough at marketing you would soon have a crowd visiting your site.  


Yet another spot where people get down on their knees and crawl under the alter to kiss a spot.  What I note here is the paganism of the site.  Scripture clearly tells us to not have idols....and there are 2 on the wall beside this spot.  The rituals are also to be avoided.  But this place is full of rituals from lighting candles, burning incense, chanting, etc.  Interesting to observe if nothing else.


Next we walked out New Gate and found the Star of David on the exterior walls of the city.  Mom had painted this several years ago and we wanted to take some photos of it.  She did an incredible painting of something she only saw in a newspaper photo.


Then we took the light rail to the center of Jerusalem and found this wonderful place for a late breakfast.  The freshest bagel I have ever had with an egg omelette on it.  Yumm!


We walked back to the Old City  and our next stop was at the Hurva Synagogue.  The stones are from a prior synagogue that was destroyed in 1948.  The white plaster is from the rebuilding which was completed in 2003.  It stand to show the struggle the Jews have had to go through in order to live in Jerusalem.  A gorgeous monument!


From there, we explored a few alleys and took more photos of arches


These are tiny little alleys and imagine my surprise when a car started down one.  I thought for sure it would have to stop, but it kept coming so we stepped inside a doorway so it could get past us!


Even after all this we still walked to the market to get some supples.  Another great day in Jerusalem....I am loving every moment!

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