Sunday, March 2, 2014

Bobbie's strawberry bottle

Yesterday I taught an altered wine bottle class at Design U'r Memories here in town.  Just 1 student.  But I simply had to share her amazing creativity!

She used a pink Bailey's bottle.  She loves strawberries.  So she created this centerpiece by using a heart die, then cutting a daisy flower die in half and using a leftover scrap for a stem.  Is that not just amazing???

Rows of bling at the top covered the screw on top.  Circle dies cut and draped, then shaped around the neck of the bottle.  A bottom border die.  Lots of leaves to make a vine and the word Hope.

Lots of rhinestones and bling were added and I think the end result is simply stunning!

Amazing what you can do with a few little die cuts (in Amaco's pewter) and an empty bottle!  Wouldn't you love to have this sitting on your counter?  :o)

The artist is Bobbie Broman - a very talented neighbor and dear friend.  Always so much fun to be in the room when Bobbie is there!!!  Now you know why!

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Veda said...

Way to go Bobbie! I love your style! Just beautiful!