Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Recycled snowmen

Went to the thrifty shops after the dentist yesterday and had so much fun.  I would just stand and stare at things. Finally settled on bringing home a bunch of snowmen.  My brother and his family came today and brought pizza for lunch.  He and his son fixed my KeroSun space heater so I could warm up the garage.  I needed a large place to play today.  :o)

Everything at the thrifty store was half off so this little gem was $2.99.  I unassembled it and tossed the words.  Gave me 7 snowmen to play with!

The hat on this little Santa got saved - the rest got boxed up for another idea later on.  :o)

The little hat went on this guy.  A snowman in a tuxedo?  Just too cute for words!!!  He has "tails" in the back of the jacket!

I think this was a quarter….

This one was 47 cents….

another quarter for this….when they are so cheap, I just have to bring them home!!!

The sleigh is pretty well chewed up.  wood showing through the paint.  I thought about stripping it, but decided I'd just be lazy!  Only $4 for this.

After taking everything apart, I used my low temp glue gun to reassemble all the little snowmen on top of the sleigh.

And then I put it outside on my patio table.  I counted up and I have a total of $8.00 in this entire thing and it is just too cute!  Someone else's trash is definitely my treasures!  Hope it puts a smile on your face!

But oops!  I realized you could see the sleigh where the paint had worn off.  NOT good!  I had parts of an old wreath that I took apart even more and then glued it around the base.  Well, I do think it's complete now!  Will wait and put it back outside on the table in the morning.  Going to enjoy it inside tonight!  :o)

I just get the biggest kick out of recycling stuff!  I hope you all will continue to take what you don't want to the thrifty store so I can continue to have this much fun!!!


ms Joyce said...

Cute cute cute .. you made ot work gal.

Anonymous said...

Just perfect!!! Your home is truly a artist's cottage.

Sheila said...

It's funny, when I first saw this, I thought it was very tiny. Then I saw it against your garage doors and realized just how perfect it was. Truly magnificent! You never cease to amaze with that creative mind!