Thursday, November 28, 2013

So much to be grateful for…..

It's a day of gratitude.  But it's also a day of memories.  Sitting around the table talking about Thanksgivings past.  Stuffing our faces (still) after all these years.  Laughing, talking, sharing.  Just so much fun.  This year, I'm really thinking back to some of the fun crafts I did with the kids.  Came home and put this together and wanted to share so you can do this with your kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews.  I haven't met anyone who doesn't love this…..a candy train!

It probably uses the cheapest candies in the store!  Each piece uses a stick of chewing gum for the base and a roll of Life savers hot-glued to the top of that.  Each piece has 4 cinnamon discs for the "wheels".

For the engine, add 2 caramels  and a kiss:

The coal car has 4 kisses on it:

The oil tanker, just leave alone:

and for the caboose, stack 3 caramels.

Hot glue paper clips to each one for the "connectors".

If you are doing this with kids, use a cool temp glue gun….I think they are $2 at Walmart.

I think I first made this for the kids about 1981.  Then again in the 90s.  And now, I'm making it for the kid that's still in me!!!  LOL!!!

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