Friday, October 4, 2013

Let it Snow!!!

Brrr!!!  How on earth did it go from 100 degrees to just 25???  And the Denver area got 4" of snow?  I'm soooooooo glad I moved "south"!  LOL!!!  This is my "let it snow" card.  My flowers are all still blooming but I have a feeling after it drops to 25 tonight - there won't be much left.  And instead of making cards, I'll be outside prepping everything for winter.

This is known as a double slider card.  You pull the string at the top and both the top and bottom slide open.  The mechanism is made using a walmart type plastic grocery bag.

I really wanted to title this "butterflies in the snow" - because the butterflies ARE still flitting around, I think it makes my imagination fly if I can stop and think what it means to have butterflies in the snow.  Early winter....late summer....or just plain odd weather?

I was going to write this:

butterflies in the snow
dear that glisten
the magic is here

but then I couldn't think of the 4th line with something that rhymed with glisten that I liked other than "tradition" - if you can come up with a line, let me know!

Needless to say, I'm happy with the end results.  Tis the season when just about anything can happen.  And what's happening is I'll be teaching how to make this on November's First Friday Art walk at the Marketplace shops.  Just $5.00.  Sign up quick - only 20 seats!!!

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