Tuesday, April 16, 2013

She said.....I said.....

She said, "I checked your blog and you haven't posted in forever!"

I said, "I've been having way too much fun to take time to photograph and post what I'm doing!"

She said, "But I need to see what you do!"

I said, "Well, maybe!"

So, here I am, no promises, but I'll try to start posting again.  Honestly - I have done so many crafty things I don't know where to start!  When I last posted, I had just returned from Kingman and I brought back so many "keepsakes" from my mother-in-law and her mother-in-law.  So I'm going to start with how I used my craft supplies to repair this pair of 93+ year old baby shoes!

Actually, when I started with them, they were crushed flat.  They are real leather, so I soaked them in hot water and filled them with paper towels to help reshape them.  Let them air dry for a few days.  You can see how cracked the leather is.

I used Nori Paste to fill all the cracks, let that dry overnight, then painted them with white leather paint. Already, they look so much better!

Next, I used alcohol ink to "paint" the sides and bottoms of the shoes.  It's translucent, so old stains will show through, but it looks better than how they were.

Next I made roses out of silk ribbon and put them in the center to cover up the splits.  Stuffed them with  stockings that are filled with crushed tissue paper, and set them on the dresser.

This is an old baby dress that I think is actually a doll's christening gown.  I have just had so much fun putting together this little "collections" of things.  This one includes a fenton basket, some leather gloves, some newer pearls, a creamer filled with swarovski crystals,  necklaces and more.

What a great way to preserve memories.....and use up my craft supplies!

So I'm going to say, "there, I've posted!!!"  I know she will say, "Finally!!!"



LP Design Team said...

FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!! HA HA HA HA! LOVE IT LOVE IT! And yes, I'm laughing :)

Jennifer Moore Lowe said...

Been a whole week and I'm still posting!!! Giggling about your comments with every post I make! Thanks for the "shove"!!!