Thursday, April 18, 2013

Diecuts under glass

I've been collecting dressforms for some time....and collecting dressform diecuts as well.  Then I picked up this 3" tall dome at a craft show and knew it was going to be the home of my diecuts.

I threaded some rayon ribbon around the bottom and some thin vines in the front.  

I think there's a total of 7 dress forms - each one a different size.  Only 1 is a wood diecut that I purchased, the rest are paper.

Isn't it fun to just play?  I'm teaching die cuts tonight at our BackRoom Babes group.....I just know we are going to have a blast!!!


CraftyJo said...

What a cute idea Jen, and it'll keep them dust-free too :)

Jennifer Moore Lowe said...

Jo, not only are they under glass, they are inside a glass bookcase! I may not have to dust them ever!!!

I just bought a new dressform diecut yesterday - can't wait to try it out. Found a matching sized apron...I just need more time to play!