Sunday, November 4, 2012

What to do with all those empty toilet paper rolls?

You are going to want to make one of these for sure!!!  I had so much fun...just giggling every step of the way!!!  Yes....toilet paper rolls.  Start by flattening them with your bone folder, then adhering paper all the way around.  I  used my xyron 910 for this and loved it!  Then use your bind-it-all to punch holes in the end.  Distress ink all the edges, assemble it and start decorating.

That's a dress form shaped paper clip on the left.  With a stamped face on the top.  Graphic 54 paper and stamps.  Lots of die cuts and stickler.

The paper is "Princes Diary" and I just laughed....a diary out of empty TP rolls?  Just perfect!!!
After all, they do call it a "throne", don't they???

Tags fit perfectly inside the rolls, so just cut paper and cover and add embellishments

You can save spots for journaling, or decorate each page with images cut from the paper

The lace on the far right is a paper die cut

I diecut the dressform in clear acrylic, then inked it with alcohol inks

Ah!  IF you are going to use toilet paper rolls, then  you must do something with the toilet paper!!!  So this is just a fun decoupage tag using toilet paper like you'd use tissue paper to make the crinkles.  Again, I just sat  here and laughed!!!  Who on earth would decoupage with toilet paper???  I sort of like the "end" results!  :)

And just to add a little class, this is a fine silver (Art Clay Silver) die cut dragon fly.  Best not toss this into the trash!

Diecuts behind inked flowers.  I buy them all in white so I can color as I want.

Just love these cut-apart flourish die cuts

More tags made from the same line of paper

Of course, when you ink a paper, it can change what it originally looked like into something so much more colorful!

This pocket has a dressform tag

Really, I promise....toilet paper rolls!

Willing to give it a try?  You could make one and put your 12 tags of 2012 in it!  Much smaller tags, of course....but what a great way to display them!

I gave this as a gift to  my dear friend Judy at Stamp of Excellence.  Come visit and look at it in person!!


Shoshi said...

Jen, this is just gorgeous. I started making one of these TP mini albums once but never finished it, as other things took over. It's a fabulous way of "upcycling" something we all have plenty of! You've made an absolutely beautiful one, and I really enjoyed reading all about it. Thanks!


Jennifer Moore Lowe said...

Shoshi!! So good to hear from you. Was just thinking of you and wondering how you are doing. Hope all is well!!

Norma Anne Chattin--Live well, Live creatively, Live safe said...

J Lowe! Awesome album my friend. Your work is always so gorgeous.

Norma Anne Chattin--Live well, Live creatively, Live safe said...

J Lowe! This is a truly awesome album. You rock and your designs are so fun. Thanks for sharing. Love to you!

Jennifer Moore Lowe said...

Norma Anne - my adopted sister! Long time no hear. BAD sister!!! LOL!!! I'm designing a new toilet paper roll book titled "Potty mouth". Or should it be "Life in the crapper!" or.......