Thursday, May 10, 2012

White Lace & Promises

Remember the old "Carpenter's" song?

We've only just begun to much of life ahead.......

We'll find a place where there's room to grow.....

So many roads to choose......

HA!  Now you'll be humming the tune over and over, won't you?  :o)

Back in the 70s, my friends called me "Blue jean Jenny" because I wore blue jeans to work every day.  I loved denim.  And I've decided to play with denim for awhile now.  My last trip to Hobby Lobby I found this little gal half off.  Could not resist!

Brought her home and took her arms off.  Of course, nothing ever works.  The screws stuck out and I found out they were a steel cross form in her body.  So I used my trusty dremel and a cut-off disk and got them right off, then puttied the holes.

Took the hot pink off, cut it apart, and made a brand new cover out of denim.

Then I did some silk ribbon embroidery on the bodice.  Click the image to find swarovsky crystals and glass beads stitched into the design.  White, pale blue and blue silk.....white lace and

promises.....the promise of a new home.  Perhaps I'll go back to the 70s and decorate the house in denim.  It's comfortable.  Wears great.  Goes with anything.  Could be fun!  

The only thing I had to paint was this top piece - it was hot pink.  Gotta love Krylon's paint and primer spray paint - in a single can and covers everything with a single coat.  Best stuff ever!

Hard to believe it's the same dress form. Maybe I should give lessons!  All in a day, too!  Hope you managed to be creative today!


Neet said...

If I lived closer I would come for a lesson. Love what you have done with this dress form Jen. Love the floral part - you are so clever.

Jennifer Moore Lowe said...

Neet, if you lived here, we'd be doing so much more than just lessons!!! LOL!!!

Come visit any time! How about on your way to the next CHA? Come early for a week. We'll have a blast!