Thursday, September 29, 2011

We're having a party........

.....and I can't get that tune out of my head today!

I always devote this blog to mom.  She only had me for 18 years....but what a lifelong impact she made on me!  And I truly think that the older I get, the more I love and cherish her!  She certainly did not have it easy with me as her daughter!  Stubborn, bossy, head-strong....just a few of the terms used to describe me as a kid!  I'd say "never satisfied" and perhaps that was a good trait in that I have always forced myself to do a little more, be a little better, work a little harder, accomplish just a little more than anyone I knew.

Ah!  At age 60, I am finally going to give myself permission to slow down.  LOL!!!  I'm at my sister Colleen's and we started making jewelry yesterday afternoon.  We just finished up 25 pendants!  Yep, I think that's slowing down!!!

I'm gearing up to do a show at Har Hashem in Boulder CO on November lots of Judaica designs in these pieces.

But as I put these together today, I kept going back to thoughts of mom and how she worked so hard to raise all 5 of us kids - to instill good values in each of us, to provide us with a Christian upbringing.

I think she's quite pleased that many of us have followed in her footsteps and turned to art.

And then I turned to Jehovah, because I still contend that He is the greatest artist ever.  Just one swipe of His paintbrush and there were the mountains.....that I am fortunate enough to enjoy viewing every single day.

And then I started thinking about the Shield of David and how it protected him and protects me today...

and how I probably never would have come to have such a strong faith, such an unshakeable belief in the Messiah had it not been for Mom and Dad and how they raised us.

I can't imagine what it feels like to have a 60 year old child.....except I know I can't believe my own son is almost 33.  Where did life go?

My blessings are so immense today.  I have such a great family.  My sister woke me up tickling my feet under the covers saying, "we are NEVER going to get old!"

I have so many friends who don't have sisters and want to be adopted into our family.  I laugh and say, "I am so blessed!"  How incredible, mom, that other people want to join this family.  I say that's a testimony to the life you have lived, the witness you have been, the never-ending source of strength that you are to all of us who know you!

So, today, as with every year, I give thanks to mom for the sacrifices she made over the years as she raised this family, loved each one of us, and prayed for us every day.

I thank her for showing me how to be creative as a child, and leading me back to art as an adult.

But most of all, I thank Jehovah for giving me you as my mom.....for giving me this family.

Love you mom,


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Shoshi said...

Oh Jen, what a simply lovely post! Thank you for reminding us all that we should praise our Creator for the wonders of His handiwork, and that He has created us in His own image, to be creative too! And how lovely to dedicate your blog to your mum in recognition and gratitude for all she did for you. I am so grateful that my parents are still alive, and living nearby, aged 90 and 88, still living independently, although starting to show their age now. Like you I am grateful for the start in life they gave me, the Christian values they instilled.

I love the pendants, too! Slowing down? Hardly!!! LOL. They celebrate life, protection, joy, creativity. Thanks for sharing!!

Lizscraps said...


Your work only gets better and better! You've often been in my thoughts and I hope you and yours are well. I too stand w/ Israel. take care and if slowing down means more creativity then hit the Brakes! lol