Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dear Hannah,

Didn't we have a fun day in your sewing class?  I just know all the adults are going to want to come take "your" class when they see what we made!  And, what?  We did it all in about 3 hours???

You know what we forgot to do?  Take photos of the kids clothes before we cut them up!!!  Oh well.....

Here's the photo of you with your doll.  We made the vest and skirt out of suede.  Now, I think we were just way too brave using fur lined suede for our first project!  Remember, we used a size 19 needle to get through that thick fabric.   The thicker the fabric, the bigger the needle size for your sewing machine!

Then we made this t-shirt and pants.  I think we were in a "pink" mood!!!  So with thinner fabric like this, we used a size 11 needle.

You learned how to position a pattern on a kids shirt to take advantage of the pre-existing embellishments, hem, and even a side seam.  That's how we made so many outfits in such a short time.....we let someone else do all the work!

The same thing happened with the jeans.  We used the embroidery from the bottom of a size 12 month old pants, used the hem and used the outside seams.  All we had to do was sew the inside seams and the waist.  I think we decided we made these pants in 30 mintues.  WOW!!  And aren't they just too cute?  Especially with that t-shirt!

While you and I were busy sewing up a storm, your sister (age 6) and your mom decorated this apron for her and then we stitched up an apron for her doll that she deocrated to match.  If you click on it, you can enlarge it and I think you can see the candy store she made on her apron!  Just too clever if you ask me!!!

Poor mom.....she had to help your sister while she was taking notes on what I was teaching you!  Did she go home and take a long nap???  Or did you all go bake cookies in the kitchen???

So, I have a surprise for you!  Remember I kept the scraps from that cute little suede jumper?  Well....I turned them into a pair of shoes for your doll!!!  And now, I'm working on a matching book bag for her to carry on her shoulder!  

I guess that means we definitely have to get together for another sewing class real soon!  Remember - you have to make 3 complete outfits on your own, then you can come back and I'll teach you how to set sleeves, and we'll learn the snap stitch!

I hope you had a great time.....but there's no way you had more fun than I did!  I really think you have the best dressed doll in the whole world!  


Miss Jen


Lisa H said...

Jen, you are so cool! =) What a special time for all of you!

Neet said...

What a fabulous read, a fabulous reminder and what a fabulous time you all must have had.

Shari said...

Love the shirt! What a great way to re-purpose clothes (especially the ones that my little angels have stained, ripped, or otherwise destroyed).