Sunday, March 6, 2011

Getting back to play time!

Kerry is home and making remarkable progress.  Since I last blogged....his kidneys failed, he had 6 dialysis treatments, then his kidneys recovered.  He was 8 days with absolutely nothing but IV solutions going into him, then 7 days with IV nutrition and then back to eating....and will be on a special diet the rest of his life.  He's lost 45 pounds....but I would not recommend this as a weight loss program!  LOL!!!

So, it's time to start playing again..but it will be limited as he still requires much care.

Macrame.  That "ancient" technique we did in the 70s.  Oh!  I used to love it.  Somewhere, I might have photos of huge wine bottle holders that I made....stretched from the ceiling to the floor.  Or there was the white just swag lamp that I made.  Big wall hangings that were 6' wide.  I loved the stuff.  So I'm working on "modernizing" it....can it be done?

And can I remember all the knotting techniques 40 years later???

I added some metal clay chili peppers to the stone.....and silver beads over the jute between the stones:

 "Knot" bad.....with matching earrings.

Then I wondered what I could do with glass beads.....a little more elegant look....

love the earrings that go with this bracelet.

I think next, I want to move away from jute and try hairy fibers.....I'm thinking we could get a whole new look with that.  Maybe I can play some this afternoon.

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