Thursday, March 10, 2011

American Girl Doll - Day 2 - more on making new clothes from old clothes

Dear Hannah,

Just this morning, I made my model a new t-shirt, hat and jeans.    So first.  The t-shirt was made from a size 3 month onsesie:

I really liked the flowers in the center of it. But guess what?  I thought I could get a tshirt and panties out of this.  Nope, not near enough fabric.  So, just the t-shirt.

The flowers were just perfect!

Next I took a baby knitted cap:

and cut it down to her size.  Then I added leftover flowers from yesterday's sweater.  So I totally love the hat and t-shirt!

and when you add the sweater.....just perfect!

Well, after all this, I decided she needed new jeans.  I took a pair of jeans for an 18 month old

I wanted to use the embroidery that was already on them

And here's the cool thing.  By using existing seams and hems, you actually cut your sewing time by more than half. So the key is how you lay the pattern on - and I'll be showing you just how to do that!

The jeans came out perfect!

and thrift store American Girl doll is more stylin' than any doll and outfit from the American Girl store!!!

It's just.....she has no name!  Hannah! I need your help! What shall we call her?


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madelineas said...

You are just too talented. I so want to be you when I grow up.