Saturday, January 29, 2011

Come Dress Yourself in Love - Day 6 - It's done!

I have had this sterling silver charm for years.  I always loved the chai symbol below the doves.....but it just was a bit too big for a necklace.  It's perfect in the center of the bodice with the smaller Star of David just below it.

Positioned above the "title" of the project - it's perfect!

They didn't have swarovski crystals 33 years ago.   It they had - this gown would have cost me a fortune.  As it is, I hand set over 100 crystals throughout the collage.

I embedded tiny crystals in the leaves - 3 per leaf.  The lt blue pearls were on the original dress.

The buttons that were on the sleeve cuffs - across the top of the bodice. I think you can follow where the bodice was...and where the filler is now.

I made several silk roses.....just to get the right size for the bottom corners.  Had forgotten how beautiful silk roses are.

And then I remembered the pattern to make these roses and put them on the top corners, to anchor the 5 strands of silk ribbons coming down each side.  Of course, there's a wooden dowel stitched into the top back to keep the center top from sagging.  Part of "engineering" a piece like this.

When you put all the pieces together, it looks like this hanging on the wall.  I do think I will have it framed in a shadow box.....but for now, my wedding collage is done.  Click on any of the images to enlarge them.

Original gown took 3 months to create at the cost of about $200.00
Today's wedding collage took parts of 6 days and an additional $150.00
Preserving memories in a creative way.......PRICELESS!!!


CraftyJo said...

Absolutely stunning Jen

madelineas said...

I love it Jen. What a treasure that is.

pbo said...


Anonymous said...

Again, Jen, your creativity has my head swimming in wonder! I wonder if any other women would be brave enough to rend their wedding dress? I'm looking forward to seeing the finished piece in person. (And, all our prayers will be with you and Kerry tomorrow!)