Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Come dress yourself in love - day 3

Come dress yourself in love....let the journey begin! Hannah reminded me that there is a spiritual hint in this as well.  I believe that she is referring to a Christian, who dresses in the love of Christ when they accept Him, and their journey in Him begins.  But I'd like to take that one step farther. I believe that the Messiah is the bride of Israel and that she, Israel, is "dressing" herself for the time when He will enter through the walled Golden gate....

Yesterday, I was talking about layering lace. Today, we're going to alter old lace by adding new lace/trim to it.  Here's the lace that came off the bottom of the gown:

Here it is biz-bleached:

This is some silk ribbon ruffled into rosettes that I picked up at the Berry Patch

and the 1/2 yard of flowers:

layered together.........completely alters the look of that original piece of lace!  I didn't need to put them all the way up the piece as I'm saving room for the image transfer.

I ran some quilt backing behind it and then sticthed down the scallops using silver metallic thread.  Not sure if you can see the thread....but it adds just a first hint of bling.

That silk trim went down one side.  On the other side, I'll be putting this georgeous piece of "fluff". But I have to wait til the very last thing to add it.

That's actually on elastic and we decided it's meant for cute little girl headbands.....but I'm using it to give "balance" to the other side of what I'm doing.  Got your curiosity going yet???

Of course, after this is the "word" piece. And this is my prototype.  I know what it's going to say, but will embroider it onto a better piece of fabric from the dress.  The little doves were on the veil of the hat.  It will be a fringed, quilted there's still much to do!

But just as in scrapbooking - where we sketch out an idea, with fabric, I sketched my phrase right on the fabric in about the size I think I want it to do and this will serve as the pattern for the real thing.

There are some of us who even sketch out our ideas for our lives, write down what our plans are, and then work towards those thoughts and ideas.  Who knew the journey of a wedding dress is much like the journey of one's life?


Anonymous said...

It is so pleasant to catch up on your writing. I never cease to be amazed at your depth of art and feeling. This new project is truly a journey. I'm looking forward to the next chapter. I'm confident the end result will be as priceless as the journey itself.

madelineas said...

You got me curious s to what you are going to do Jen. Love following along on this journey with you

Neet said...

This is looking so beautiful. Am eagerly awaiting the next instalment.